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Intimate wedding at Sunny house PDF Print E-mail

SONCNA_HISA_wedding_europe_luxPomurje, fascinating countryside set on the banks of the River Mura. It is a land of never-ending fields, low hills, storks and rattles, watermills, healing waters and energetic points, vineyards, authentic tradition, specific dialect and especially hospitable people. Pomurje is the largest agricultural area in Slovenia.


A countryside picture of Pomurje invites you to take a walk through vineyards, along streams and over flat fields, run through the meadows and woods or take a bike ride over the hills offering spectacular views. Tourist farms as well as a number of ethnographic performances give visitors a chance to experience the tradition of this part of Slovenia, while they can taste great wines, cuisine and regional specialties in several domestic inns.  Contemporary nomads will also find a great golf course and a number of thermal baths and health spas here.


Pomurje attracts nature lovers throughout the year. Magnificent panorama and rich natural and cultural heritage offer numerous occasions for individual or family trips.


Sunny house – carefully furnished villa gives you the comfort and intimacy of your own home while luxurious services – in short: spoiling and relaxing you - offer experience comparable only to those of the highest-ranking hotels.

Sunny House (Sončna hiša) is a hotel especially renowned for its personalized treatment of guests. Their staff will be at your disposal always: while enjoying the selection of excellent meals or simply relaxing at your “sunny” room.


Sunny house is an oasis where you will experience magical comfort of your stay over and over again. Visit them and let the magical surprises take you away!

It is a pretty ambitious goal – for every guest to feel at home far away from home. How do they manage?


This new beautiful villa offers five spacious and tastefully furnished luxurious suites, accommodating up to 18 guests. They all offer discretion and comfort. The unique Wellness garden gently makes sure that you forget your everyday worries and the constant battle with time. Your luxurious rooms are also designed to meet the needs of every single individual. Every suite is uniquely furnished and decorated with details that stir up your imagination.


Every suite is special and different, so choose yours!


Magical wedding in Kranjska Gora PDF Print E-mail

wedding_slovenia_europe_kranjska_goraKranjska Gora is the municipal centre of Zgornjesavska valley. It is also a tourist centre worldly renowned for its winter sports. Surrounding the old village the part with more tourist offer was set up: new hotels, private accommodation, places for recreation and a shopping centre. Looking for a quieter, more relaxing and more genuine contact with the locals you can choose to visit one of the surrounding idyllic villages.


In the middle of the Triglav national park you can choose to relax in Suite Hotel, which is a brand new luxurious hotel in Kranjska Gora offering its guests a special harmony of a high-quality accommodation and nature’s beauty. It is a hotel with the largest number of modern, comfortable and practical suites in Kranjska Gora. You will be spoiled in a nice bar and on the terrace, offering spectacular views of the Julian Alps. Built in 2006 the hotel offers spacious bedrooms, up-to date electronic devices and superb design.


Prestigious wedding in Kendov manor in Spodnja Idrija PDF Print E-mail

SLIKE_Hotel_Kendov_dvorec_3You will find all the richness of Slovene cultural tradition in museum expositions and the authentic environment of the old typical buildings as well as experience it in people’s customs and folk art. In Idrija you will find a world of natural wonders somewhere in between Alpine and Karstic mysteries.

The five stars hotel at Kenda manor – a modern hotel of the highest category, successor to a mighty farm - lies situated on a hill just across river Idrijca opposite of the local church. The mansion’s history goes back to the late Middle Ages when first landowners took over a farm on the hill above Idrijca. Later on respected and distinguished Kendo family encouraged economic and cultural progress of the town. The Kenda manor today retains recollections of the past mightiness of farmers, the meaning of village autonomy and the role of rural mayors. Renovated granary, ambitiously ornamented in 1796 with living motives, lies next to the mansion. Among decorative motives there is also the so called Tree of Life.

You will remember this idyllic winter experience for the rest of your life!