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A white fairytale in Portorož PDF Print E-mail

portoroz_wedding_in_sloveniaPortorož - Sea, wind, salt, Mediterranean scents, palms, roses, relaxation, fun and entertainment … all of this is Portorož. This seaside town in the heart of Europe is a place to forget everyday worries, a place where various cultures meet, a place that unites the nature and the gastronomic delights. A relaxing walk at the seaside, jogging at the beach, swimming in the pools and the sea, beauty and health programs in the spa or sports is what fills you up with new energy.

Throughout the history Portorož gained its fame and fortune with salt. Portorož's salt pans were one of the largest in this part of the world. Today they are mostly abandoned, giving shelter to various species of birds, nesting and resting here on their way to the South. It was the salt pans - with salt, salty water and mud - that enabled tourist development of Portorož. As early as 19th century healing effects of salty components were discovered and the first hotels and spas were built. Today the town is a place for work as well as a place to relax and have fun. A casino, for example, is a place to have fun for many who put their luck to the test, either on slot machines, playing cards or the roulette. Portorož also has numerous hotels with modern pools, restaurants and various cultural and amusement events. It is also a popular congress center. Many seminar and congress halls, taking up to 1.500 guests, became an important scene of domestic and international meetings.  


Wedding under the starry sky PDF Print E-mail

piran_starry_night_europa_sloveniaWedding is a day from a fairytale, a day of two hearts deeply in love and one of the most beautiful days in life when you officially confirm your love for each other! An increasing number of couples decide to have the wedding in the outdoors. It is really a special experience exchanging your vows surrounded by nature’s beauty, accompanied by birds’ warbling, the light summer breeze, in the shade of the wedding tent – but always and everywhere in the company of your loved ones.  

You can also pledge eternal love on the beach and the nicest spot to do this is certainly Piran. If you decide to get married next to the sea we can set up a nice, little bit exotic, wedding pagoda. Celebration can be continued under the shade of the tent somewhere on our nice beach or on the terrace of one of the superb restaurants.

An outdoor wedding in the middle of nature, fresh air and relaxing whiteness of the wedding tent or pagoda is a very relaxing choice enabling the newlyweds and their guests to feel high tempered. They can also be less formally dressed and even the newly wedded couple can choose less solemn outfits which can be a great relief from heavy and uncomfortable pricey wedding gowns. 


Exclusive wedding in a hot-air balloon PDF Print E-mail

kostanjevica_wedding_slovenia_italyKostanjevica na Krki is the smallest and one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. As a true miracle of nature (and a bit of help from the local inhabitants) the old part of the town is situated on an island. This is what its name says: it literally translates to Kostanjevica on the river Krka. The town was formed in the vicinity of the Landestrost castle, a former Spanheim border fortress at the foothills of Gorjanci. Kostanjevica na Krki was first mentioned in 1220 as the seat of the parish and gained city rights in 1252. The old town structure with two parallel streets, today named Ulica talcev (Veliki plac) and Oražnova ulica (Mali plac), remains the same until present days. The town was proclaimed a first class cultural monument and is thus under complete cultural protection. Due to frequent floods - making movement through the city possible only in boats - the town gained its nickname “the Venice of Dolenjska”. Its many cultural monuments, shows and art collections also allude to Venice.


There are two larger wood bridges intended for traffic leading to the small island that is 500 meters long and 200 meters wide. Another bridge, called the Tercialski bridge (the name suggests that older women were gathering there to gossip) was built for pedestrians. At the north side of the island there is St. Jacob’s church, which was built in the 13th century as a part of fortification system around the island in times of Kostanjevica’s greatest prosperity. At the south part - among other numerous sacral monuments - there is the valuable building of the church of St. Nicholas.


Kostanjevica na Krki is a vivid town on an island, attracting many visitors from near and far with its rich history, architecture and beauty. The majority of tourists decide to visit its cultural heritage – the Gallery of Božidar Jakac and Forma Viva in the former cistercian monastery, expositions at the Lamut’s Art Parlour and the collection of various artists in the Jože Gorjup primary school.  


Flight with a balloon is an experience you will never forget. Treat yourselves and surprise your guests with an exclusive balloon wedding in the heart of Europe! Your guests can also fly with you in the accompanying balloons.


Dream wedding in Piran PDF Print E-mail

wedding_piran_in_slovenia_europaThe old port town of Piran lies at the end of Piran’s peninsula, which is gradually becoming more and more narrow thus dividing Strunjan and Piran bay. Peninsula ends with the cape Madona. Šavrin hills, up to 90 meters high, are rising on Moštro peninsula. The town keeps its medieval design with narrow streets and houses built closely together. From the seacoast the houses rise like a stairway to the top of the slope thus giving the whole scenery a Mediterranean character. The original town core was built on cape Punta. Under Venetian rule the town spread to the inner port Mogoron. Under the Austrians in the 19th century the settlement spread southeast towards Bernardin. Today Piran is the administrative center and with Portorož nearby it is also an important seaside resort, offering numerous cultural institutions and events, hotels, restaurants and private accommodation. Piran draws many visitors due to its picturesque position and rich cultural heritage.