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Mystical wedding at Otočec Castle PDF Print E-mail

grad_otocec_slovenia_wedding_europaOtočec castle is a jewel rising from the mists of river Krka. It is the only castle on water in Slovenia. It is situated on one of the islands of river Krka. Its foundations were set in the Middle age while its image was designed throughout the Renaissance. Nearby lies another Slovene jewel – Kostanjevica na Krki, town also called 'the Venice of Slovenia'.


If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding in Europe, this is the best place for a romantic ceremony!


Hotel Grad situated in the castle itself lies on an island in the middle of river Krka. Its breathtaking beauty has been inspiring visitors for eight centuries. Today a hotel of high-class category preserves past beauties combining them with superb contemporary tourist offer. Romantic dinner, served by the staff dressed in castle garments is an unforgettable experience.



Romantic wedding at Bled Castle PDF Print E-mail

LakeBled_NATIONAL_GEOGRAPHICBled is the leading Alpine resort in Slovenia. Bled lake, church on the island and the old castle on  the rock over the lake make Bled one of the most beautiful tourist places in Europe. Natural beauties, historical sights and an attractive geographical position have made Bled a great and popular tourist spot.


Fairytale like beauty of Bled lake has magically attracted visitors for centuries. We could be citing travel writers, novelists, rulers and presidents but the nicest lines come from Slovenia's greatest poet France Prešeren (1880-1849) describing it in a heroic epic poem Baptism at Savica Fall.


The genuine pearl of Slovenia, lake Bled, lies at 500 meters above sea level. It is 2.120 meters long, 1.380 meters wide and 31 meters deep. It freezes during the coldest of winter days and has around 24°C during the summer. It is only 32 kilometers away from Ljubljana airport by car. Above lake Bled a cliff was formed and on its top there is one of the most beautiful monuments of Slovenia, the old castle from 18th century. Wedding at the Bled castle is one if the most romantic wedding ideas in the whole of Europe according to the experts.


Another Bled symbol is its island with chapel and Church of Virgin Mary’s Assumption. There is a legend about the chapel according to which hearing the bells ring will make your wish come true!


Wedding dreams in Arboretum Volčji potok PDF Print E-mail

foto-tulipanVolčji potok – every season makes this exquisite combination of natural and cultural heritage something special. In this meticulously maintained arboretum there are approximately 3.500 local and foreign species of plants and flower exhibitions are prepared throughout the year. This environment offers various opportunities for the most beautiful wedding photos. In the spring, when flowers start to bloom and the birds return from the South, this exquisite garden awakens after a long cold winter and embraces its visitors who come here to relax, walk in the nature, play with children or simply get away from the hectic everyday life.


The fairytale beauty of arboretum attracts with a mystical power. 


Exclusive wedding in Postojna Cave PDF Print E-mail

ufp-post.-Postojna cave, well-known and one of the most beautiful underground caves in the world, has almost 22 kilometers of rows, galleries and halls, designed by nature throughout the centuries. The unique small train will take you into enlightened interior of the underground world and expert tour operators will provide for your pleasant feeling.

Visiting the cave is a special experience. You will see stalactites and stalagmites, curtains and columns up to 600.000 years old. The temperature inside the cave is a constant 12°C.


Ceremony description

The heart of Postojna cave is a place for a really special, charming and unique wedding ceremony. The mystical and beautiful cave will provide unforgettable scenery for your special ceremony. The nature itself has magically decorated the cave with curtains, candlesticks, columns and ornaments hanging from the ceiling.  

During visiting hours hall Na Belvedere, also known as Franc Jožef’s or Elizabet’s hall (honoring their visit in 1857), is available. The hall is in the vicinity of the big Koncert hall.

The wedding can also be organized in Plesna hall upon special request – in the late afternoon in the winter season and in the evening during the summer season.

Guests will take the underground train into the heart of Postojna cave to the hall prepared for the ceremony. We will make it our special effort to take into account every special wish, idea or need of the newlyweds for this exclusive event.