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portoroz_wedding_in_sloveniaPortorož - Sea, wind, salt, Mediterranean scents, palms, roses, relaxation, fun and entertainment … all of this is Portorož. This seaside town in the heart of Europe is a place to forget everyday worries, a place where various cultures meet, a place that unites the nature and the gastronomic delights. A relaxing walk at the seaside, jogging at the beach, swimming in the pools and the sea, beauty and health programs in the spa or sports is what fills you up with new energy.

Throughout the history Portorož gained its fame and fortune with salt. Portorož's salt pans were one of the largest in this part of the world. Today they are mostly abandoned, giving shelter to various species of birds, nesting and resting here on their way to the South. It was the salt pans - with salt, salty water and mud - that enabled tourist development of Portorož. As early as 19th century healing effects of salty components were discovered and the first hotels and spas were built. Today the town is a place for work as well as a place to relax and have fun. A casino, for example, is a place to have fun for many who put their luck to the test, either on slot machines, playing cards or the roulette. Portorož also has numerous hotels with modern pools, restaurants and various cultural and amusement events. It is also a popular congress center. Many seminar and congress halls, taking up to 1.500 guests, became an important scene of domestic and international meetings.  


Ceremony description 

The civil marriage takes place on the romantic Mediterranean terrace Mystica, which is a part of a high-ranking hotel with a rich spa program and professional staff. Accompanied by the harp the newlyweds exchange their vows. Champagne toast and snacks follow. To inspire their love and commitment two white doves are released. Photo session on various locations in this nice Mediterranean ambient follows. Lunch, dinner and festivities conclude your dreamy day. 


A white fairytale wedding in Portorož, Slovenia. The package includes:

  • civil marriage in Mystica hall,
  • flower decoration,
  • champagne and snacks,
  • harp player,
  • releasing two white doves to confirm the couple’s commitment,
  • advise on selecting ceremonial menu,
  • scenario of the wedding festivity,
  • newlyweds suite,
  • champagne, fruits and flowers in the suite,
  • serving the breakfast the next morning,
  • ceremonial covers,
  • menu card for the wedding dinner,
  • table for the gifts,
  • advise on selecting and serving the cake,
  • бутылка шампанского для молодоженов и свидетелеdance-floor,
  • technical equipment of the hall with loudspeakers, wireless microphone, LED-projector, music performance etc.,
  • advise on selecting music and program for the ceremony and festivity,
  • selection of the location for the photo session,
  • state tax for the register,
  • taking care of and translating all the documents (including legalization),
  • translation fee,
  • coordination services in SloveniaОформление и перевод всех документов (в том, числе легализация),
  • postal taxes for sending the marriage certificate, photos and video material.


Not included in the price:

  • airline ticket,
  • visa,
  • accommodation.


Extra services in the Wedding “A white fairytale in Portorož”

Weddings are usually very innovative and we have almost never had two identical weddings taking place. That is why we offer you extra services that help you completely change and adapt your wedding program in Slovenia according to your needs and desires.


Additional services for civil ceremony                   


Zither music throughout the ceremony 

Saxophone music throughout the ceremony -  3 songs

Jump by  parachutists bringing the rings 

Releasing balloon (100 pieces)

Arrival of the newlyweds from the sea by ship


Wedding decoration                   


Car decoration (flowers) 

Wedding bouquet 

Wedding corsage for the groom 

Decoration of the honeymoon sweet (flowers, champagne, flower leafs, fruits, etc.) 

Decoration of the location (paper and balloons) 

Basket of flower leafs 

Flower decoration of the table for the guests


Wedding photography and video recording                      


150-200 photographs on a disk, photographing up to the point of entering the restaurant, travel costs, producing the disc, producing the photo album 

50 photographs (20x20cm) + photo album of the wedding ceremony and of the festivities 

CD with 50 photographs 

Supplement on speedy delivery 

Unedited video 

Every extra hour 

Editing and producing a CD disk 

Whole-day video shooting including editing (filming at the restaurant included) 

Travel costs for the cameraman 


Wedding animation                  


An airplane with three hearts and “For ever” sign attached to it circling over the coast 

Lampions - M package (22 lanterns) 

Fireworks  (2,5 minutes)

Coordinator/organizer of the wedding 

Live music at dinner 

Live music at the ceremony 



DJ & animator 

Children animation 


Additional wedding services                                                 


Providing two witnesses                    

If the wedding takes place at days other than Wednesday and Saturday there is an extra surcharge on all the offers 

Express taking care of all the documents (less than 30 days prior to the wedding) 

Transfer (max 4 persons) from the airport to the hotel and back 

Sending the marriage certificate, voucher, CD with photographs and video

Renting a limousine

Renting an Oldsmobile super 88 (starting fee + min. 3 hours) 

Wedding cake

Dinner for one, no drinks included 

Srebrna penina sparkling wine

Make-up artist (one trial make-up included) 

Hair artist 


Wedding fashion for the bridge                         


Wedding dress 

Wedding shoes 

Wedding purse 

Wedding rings 

Necklace, earrings, bracelet 



Gloves, hat 



Cushion for the rings 


Wedding fashion for the groom                         


Wedding dress 

Wedding shoes 

Wedding ring 


Shirt, plastone and other accessories 



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