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LakeBled_NATIONAL_GEOGRAPHICBled is the leading Alpine resort in Slovenia. Bled lake, church on the island and the old castle on  the rock over the lake make Bled one of the most beautiful tourist places in Europe. Natural beauties, historical sights and an attractive geographical position have made Bled a great and popular tourist spot.


Fairytale like beauty of Bled lake has magically attracted visitors for centuries. We could be citing travel writers, novelists, rulers and presidents but the nicest lines come from Slovenia's greatest poet France Prešeren (1880-1849) describing it in a heroic epic poem Baptism at Savica Fall.


The genuine pearl of Slovenia, lake Bled, lies at 500 meters above sea level. It is 2.120 meters long, 1.380 meters wide and 31 meters deep. It freezes during the coldest of winter days and has around 24°C during the summer. It is only 32 kilometers away from Ljubljana airport by car. Above lake Bled a cliff was formed and on its top there is one of the most beautiful monuments of Slovenia, the old castle from 18th century. Wedding at the Bled castle is one if the most romantic wedding ideas in the whole of Europe according to the experts.


Another Bled symbol is its island with chapel and Church of Virgin Mary’s Assumption. There is a legend about the chapel according to which hearing the bells ring will make your wish come true!


Ceremony description

WEDDING_BLED_SLOVENIA_EUROPALord of the castle will greet visitors with citing an old medieval greeting and accompany them to the castle court. At the staircase the newlyweds and their guests will listen to a humorous speech of the Lord of the castle and the Countess.


The ceremony takes place in the upper floor, in Viteška hall (in case of nice weather the ceremony is also possible in the courtyard under the arch). At the end of the ceremony guests will form a line and throw rice at the newlyweds – such is the Slovene tradition. The courtyard offers a spectacular view of the lake, the island and the surroundings.


The champagne opening with a special sword held by the groom and the Lord of the castle takes place here. After taking pictures the couple is taken to the castle wine cellar where they fill up their first bottle of wine together. It is supposed to be opened for an anniversary or to celebrate their firstborn child. They seal the bottle with castle cellar stamp. Everybody than follows to the castle printing office where the newlyweds in an antique manner print a symbolic marriage certificate with the castle stamp.


After leaving the castle, photography and trip with the boat to the island follow. Newlyweds must perform another old Slovene tradition there.


Romantic wedding at the Bled Castle, Slovenia. The package includes:
  • renting the hall for the ceremony (approximately 45 minutes),
  • flower decoration at the wedding table,
  • a bottle of champagne for the newlyweds and witnesses,
  • carriage for the newlyweds to the castle (hotel-castle-lake),
  • bottle of champagne for the newlywedsa
  • medieval reception by Lord of the castle and his wife accompanied by live music (4 players, zither in medieval style),
  • entry fee to the castle for the visitors,
  • opening with sword,
  • filling bottles of vine in the cellar,
  • printing marriage certificate in castle printing office (with castle stamp),
  • trip with the boat “pletna” to the island,
  • entrance to the island for the newlyweds,
  • organization of wedding event,
  • souvenir of agency in memory of yours fairytale,
  • vstopnina na otočekoporganistate tax for the register,
  • taking care of and translating all the documents (including legalization),
  • translation fee,
  • coordination services in Slovenia,
  • postal taxes for sending the marriage certificate, photos and video material.


Not included in the price:

  • airline ticket,
  • visa,
  • accommodation.


Extra services in the Wedding “Romantic wedding at Bled Castle” 

Weddings are usually very innovative and we have almost never had two identical weddings taking place. That is why we offer you extra services that help you completely change and adapt your wedding program in Slovenia according to your needs and desires.


Additional services for civil ceremony          


A trip with a pletna boat to the island in the lake Bled and a tour of the church (max 18 persons) 

Entry fees to the church on the island Bled (1 person) 

Adam sparkling wine (6-liter bottle), opening with a sword, 70 glasses 

Adam sparkling wine (9-liter bottle), opening with a sword, 100 glasses 

Opening an extra bottle of champagne with a sword if a groom wants to do it as well (a common practice)

Carriage transport (various directions, max 4 persons per carriage, a carriage ride for 2 to the hotel)

Wedding ceremony, enriched by the program performed by 6 animators in medieval style (addition to the main ceremony), 20 minutes

A bottle of champagne at the castle restaurant


Wedding decoration           


Car decoration (flowers) 

Wedding bouquet 

Wedding corsage for the groom 

Decoration of the honeymoon sweet (flowers, champagne, flower leafs, fruits, etc.) 

Decoration of the location (paper and balloons) 

Basket of flower leafs 

Flower decoration of the table for the guests


Wedding photography and video recording               


150-200 photographs on a disk, photographing up to the point of entering the restaurant, travel costs, producing the disc, producing the photo album

50 photographs (20x20cm) + photo album of the wedding ceremony and of the festivities 

CD with 50 photographs 

Supplement on speedy delivery 

Unedited video 

Every extra hour 

Editing and producing a CD disk 

Whole-day video shooting including editing (filming at the restaurant included) 

Travel costs for the cameraman 


Wedding animation


An airplane with three hearts and “For ever” sign attached to it circling over the lake 

Lampions - M package (22 lanterns) 

Fireworks  (2,5 minutes)

Coordinator/organizer of the wedding 

Live music at dinner 

Live music at the ceremony 



DJ & animator 

Children animation 


Additional wedding services                   


Providing two witnesses 

If the wedding takes place at days other than Wednesday and Saturday there is an extra surcharge on all the offers

Express taking care of all the documents (less than 30 days prior to the wedding) 

Transfer (max 4 persons) from the airport to the hotel and back 

Sending the marriage certificate, voucher, CD with photographs and video

Renting a limousine

Renting an Oldsmobile super 88 (starting fee + min. 3 hours) 

Wedding cake

Dinner for one, no drinks included 

Srebrna penina sparkling wine

Make-up artist (one trial make-up included) 

Hair artist 


Wedding fashion for the bridge                    


Wedding dress 

Wedding shoes 

Wedding purse 

Wedding rings 

Necklace, earrings, bracelet 



Gloves, hat 



Bridal garter


Wedding fashion for the groom                    


Wedding dress 

Wedding shoes 

Wedding ring 


Shirt, plastone and other accessories 


If you have any questions please contact us. If you wish complete a form request quote please click here.