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Grand wedding at Celje Castle PDF Print E-mail

celje_wedding_castleThe castle walls hold stories of the past and present and offer a shelter to anyone yearning for a romantic and everlasting fairytale.


Could you choose a more idyllic spot to confirm your love?  


A wedding is something beautiful, magical and unforgettable. It is the beginning of a new life together, the beginning of a new journey.


The castle wedding is held at the most beautiful spot in the castle – the belvedere platform, where mighty Counts of Celje used to walk, surrounded by the hills, mysterious history and eternal love.   


A breeze of the Middle Ages is a part of the Medieval wedding with a truly special ceremony. Fanfare sounds accompany the newlyweds and their guests to the solemn spot and the dancers show the ancient Dance of Love and Dance of the Bride.


The pompous fanfare sounds announce the arrival of the Count Herman I. and his daughter Barbara of Celje, wishing the newly weeded couple joy and happiness and presenting them with a symbolic gift on behalf of the mighty Celje family.


Selected music, exquisite castle services and an unforgettable day and beginning of a new common journey begins at the Celje Castle.  


Bring back to life the spirit of eternal love between Frederik and Veronika with us!


Ceremony description

The newlyweds and their guests are met in front of the castle gate. A person holding the Celje banner is standing in front of the castle gate until the Lady of the castle arrives accompanied by the sound of fanfare. Together they escort the newlyweds and their guests to the registrar. They are accompanied by a medieval wedding march. The bride and the groom and the witnesses are all dressed in the medieval costumes.


The castle announcer greets them and two dance shows follow (Introductory Dance of the Bride and a Cupid Dance – a dance of love and joy).


A classical wedding ceremony follows, all the time accompanied by a medieval music. The couple signs their names into the wedding book and makes a toast with the special crystal glasses, presented to the couple as a gift. 


After the ceremony fanfares announce the arrival of the Counts (Herman I. and Barbara of Celje), which present the newlyweds with a special present.


The medieval wedding ends in a group dance of all the wedding guests. After the ceremony a small treat follows, according to desires of the couple (champagne, wine, juice, water, fruits, snacks, etc.) as well as taking photos in the magical setting of the castle.


You can choose the location of the wedding anywhere in the castle. At the entrance to the castle a red carped is laid and the music echoes throughout the castle. Chairs with red cushions can be placed according to your wishes as well as floral decorations (on the tables, on the ground, etc.).


Medieval wedding at Celje castle, Slovenia. The package includes:

  • reception by the Lady of the castle,
  • fanfare announcement,
  • renting the location for the ceremony (60 minutes anywhere at the castle),
  • dresses for the newlyweds and the witnesses,
  • bread and salt welcome at the entrance to the castle,
  • speech by the castle announcer,
  • dance act (Introductory Dance of the Bride and Love dance),
  • wedding coordinator,
  • castle staff (2 or 3 persons - castle ladies etc.),
  • floral decoration (flower arrangements, newlyweds’ chairs, witnesses and the guests, red carpet),
  • the Counts (Herman I. and Barbara of Celje, which present the newlyweds with a symbolic gift),
  • champagne toast for the newlyweds,
  • music according to the wishes (fanfare, wedding marc etc.),
  • dance act,
  • crystal glasses presented to the couple as a gift, 
  • state tax for the register,
  • taking care of and translating all the documents (including legalization),
  • translation fee,
  • coordination services in Slovenia,
  • postal taxes for sending the marriage certificate, photos and video material.


Not included in the price:

  • airline ticket,
  • visa,
  • accommodation


Extra services in the Wedding “The grand wedding at the Celje Castle

Weddings are usually very innovative and we have almost never had two identical weddings taking place. That is why we offer you extra services that help you completely change and adapt your wedding program in Slovenia according to your needs and desires.


Additional services for civil ceremony               


Releasing balloon (100 pieces)

Harp music throughout the ceremony

Violin music throughout the ceremony

Music throughout the ceremony with a string trio

Released two white pigeons

Jump by  parachutists bringing the rings


Wedding decoration            


Car decoration (flowers) 

Wedding bouquet 

Wedding corsage for the groom 

Decoration of the honeymoon sweet (flowers, champagne, flower leafs, fruits, etc.) 

Decoration of the location (paper and balloons) 

Basket of flower leafs 

Flower decoration of the table for the guests


Wedding photography and video recording               


150-200 photographs on a disk, photographing up to the point of entering the restaurant, travel costs, producing the disc, producing the photo album 

50 photographs (20x20cm) + photo album of the wedding ceremony and of the festivities 

CD with 50 photographs 

Supplement on speedy delivery 

Unedited video 

Every extra hour 

Editing and producing a CD disk 

Whole-day video shooting including editing (filming at the restaurant included) 

Travel costs for the cameraman 


Wedding animation 


An airplane with three hearts and “For ever” sign attached to it circling over the castle 

Lampions - M package (22 lanterns) 

Fireworks  (2,5 minutes)

Coordinator/organizer of the wedding 

Live music at dinner 

Live music at the ceremony 



DJ & animator 

Children animation 


Additional wedding services                     


Providing two witnesses 

If the wedding takes place at days other than Wednesday and Saturday there is an extra surcharge on all the offers 

Express taking care of all the documents (less than 30 days prior to the wedding) 

Transfer (max 4 persons) from the airport to the hotel and back 

Sending the marriage certificate, voucher, CD with photographs and video

Renting a limousine

Renting an Oldsmobile super 88 (starting fee + min. 3 hours) 

Wedding cake

Dinner for one, no drinks included 

Srebrna penina sparkling wine

Make-up artist (one trial make-up included) 

Hair artist 


Wedding fashion for the bridge                     


Wedding dress 

Wedding shoes 

Wedding purse 

Wedding rings 

Necklace, earrings, bracelet 



Gloves, hat 



Cushion for the rings 


Wedding fashion for the groom                       


Wedding dress 

Wedding shoes 

Wedding ring 


Shirt, plastone and other accessories 


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