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Fairytale at Mokrice Castle PDF Print E-mail

mokrice_poroke_grad_3Carefully redecorated into a hotel of the highest category, this medieval castle retains the beauty of the past subtly making it a part of modern superb castle tourism. The greenery of the park, which is more than 200 years old, is a perfect background to the castle’s architecture and its rich and turbulent history Mokrice castle.


The castle offers all the comfort you would expect from a hotel. Thick walls give shelter to carefully furnished rooms and the castle towers host spacious luxurious suites. Mysterious halls lead to saloons, the restaurant and places for socializing.


Are you still uncertain about where to say your “I do”? The Mokrice castle is renowned for being a popular wedding spot. Many couples exchanged their vows here and the possibilities are almost endless. Just close your eyes and imagine your perfect wedding day: a carriage ride, gentle flute and zither music … More romantic spirits will love the nocturnal image of the castle enlightened with torches or fireworks we can provide for you.


Your dreams can be fulfilled in the calm intimacy of the wedding hall or in the middle of the castle park. A real specialty is Viteška wedding.Making sure the Middle Ages come to life we will serve you and your guests a genuine ceremonial feast in medieval garments.


Glamorous wedding at Ptuj Castle PDF Print E-mail

Ptuj_wedding_slovenia_europaPark hotel Ptuj resides in a classic bourgeois house priding itself with centuries long tradition in the old city part of the oldest Slovene town. A mighty Ptuj castle spreads out above the hotel, surrounded by sunny parks, the Dominican convent and Mali castle. Romantic views from the hotel rooms will invite you to take a walk to Haloze with its vineyards, known for centuries for their superb wines.


The hotel lies on the remains of the Roman foundations and walls dated to the Middle Ages. First recorded writings about the building are from the year 1513 when it was first mentioned in the famous Ptuj Statute document . In 2007 the object was redecorated into a modern and romantic four-stars hotel.


To make the wedding night a very special experience one of fifteen individually decorated rooms with antique furniture and unique bathroom ambient can be chosen. A tasteful breakfast with local specialties and drinks can be served in bed. You can choose between Breakfast of surprise, Dreamy breakfast (with live music), Exclusive breakfast or Lust breakfast with massage. 


Angel wedding at Štanjel Castle PDF Print E-mail

stanjel_poroka_slovenia_weddingŠtanjel is one of the oldest and most picturesque settlements in the Slovenian Karst region. Dominantly placed on the top of the 364 meters high Turn hill, the Church of St. Daniel is seen far around. Houses positioned in a shape of a staircase on the Turn’s slopes make the town even more romantic. Its geographic position enabled Štanjel the control over Italian border and probably the walls surrounding it were set up to protect it. It remains unknown when the walls were built, but Štanjel is the only fortified town in the Karst region.

Enchanted medieval Štanjel has been attracting newly weeded couples for years. Getting married in Štanjel is more than just simply pledging your vows!


Grand wedding at Celje Castle PDF Print E-mail

celje_wedding_castleThe castle walls hold stories of the past and present and offer a shelter to anyone yearning for a romantic and everlasting fairytale.


Could you choose a more idyllic spot to confirm your love?  


A wedding is something beautiful, magical and unforgettable. It is the beginning of a new life together, the beginning of a new journey.


The castle wedding is held at the most beautiful spot in the castle – the belvedere platform, where mighty Counts of Celje used to walk, surrounded by the hills, mysterious history and eternal love.   


A breeze of the Middle Ages is a part of the Medieval wedding with a truly special ceremony. Fanfare sounds accompany the newlyweds and their guests to the solemn spot and the dancers show the ancient Dance of Love and Dance of the Bride.


The pompous fanfare sounds announce the arrival of the Count Herman I. and his daughter Barbara of Celje, wishing the newly weeded couple joy and happiness and presenting them with a symbolic gift on behalf of the mighty Celje family.


Selected music, exquisite castle services and an unforgettable day and beginning of a new common journey begins at the Celje Castle.  


Bring back to life the spirit of eternal love between Frederik and Veronika with us!


Medieval wedding at Bogenšperk Castle PDF Print E-mail

bogensperk_wedding_slovenia_europaWedding at the Bogenšperk castle, a cultural monument of national importance, is something very special. True, every wedding is special, after all two paths get united into a single one, but getting married in a unique renaissance environment is something for the gourmets.

Bogenšperk castle today is not only a museum with a famous chapel and chivalry hall. It is also a very popular location for weddings, not only for the locals but foreigners as well. Attending one of the weddings here you will witness a joyful event. 

A carriage ride through the linden tree vista, wedding ceremony in the castle library, former residence of the prominent Janez Vajkard Valvasor, the church marriage in the castle chapel, the photo session under the castle arches and the castle balcony and the festivities in the chivalry or other tastefully furnished halls in the castle, the reception at the Lord of castle and his blessing – all of this can be your wedding!


Your wedding is your fairytale. Experience it at the castle Bogešperk!