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354p086_najcenThe wedding ring


The wedding is one of the happiest occasions in life, filled with ceremonies and symbols. The exchange of the rings takes place during the wedding ceremony when intense emotions are omnipresent. Therefore it is no wonder that wearing the rings symbolizes great love for one another.


The ring with its circular form symbolizes eternity and unity. It has no beginning and no end like time itself. It returns to itself just like life. It also represents the sun and the moon, which are the alchemists' symbols for male and female principle of the universe. The hole in the middle is no ordinary space but a symbol of the passage or gate that leads to known and unknown things and events. Its roundness represents eternal love and is a perpetual renewal of the wedding vows.


The wedding rings therefore have a ceremonial, symbolic and general meaning. They also represent a permanent memory and reminder of your vows.




The wedding pillow

The wedding rings are the most important symbols of the wedding and represent the eternal life bond. The first, the only and also the last moment these two rings come together is the moment before the wedding itself, so don’t forget to provide them with a special and secure place on a soft pillow.