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VIOLINA_-_CITRE_-_VIOLONELOMusic at a civil wedding

Live music at a civil wedding brings life and attraction to the wedding ceremony. It is so much classier to have live music than listening to recorded music from a CD. But of course, it is a matter of taste.

For such events classical gentle music is most appropriate and gives the event an additional emotional component. A musician can play the piano, string or blow instrument, a trio of musicians can play the violin, bas, accordion etc.

We will always find the appropriate music to fulfill your wishes.


Music in a castle

When the civil wedding takes place in a castle or a mansion, string music is almost a must. A string trio or a quartet will provide for a special atmosphere that will always be remembered.

We recommend a combination of a musical instrument and vocal for the moment when the vows are exchanged. If you so desire other types of music can also be a part of your wedding at a castle.


Lawn music

Weddings that take place on a lawn are among the most beautiful ones. The green vegetation, sun and the power of nature make this space incomparable to anything else. Music must be very carefully chosen for such weddings.

Weddings on soft green surfaces where ladies take of their high heels to walk barefooted on the grassy rug must take place to the tune of sophisticated and unobtrusive music (jazz, evergreens, classical music, chansons) that can be produced with a combination of various instruments as well as a combination of all of the above mentioned possibilities with the vocal.


Music at the registrar office 

At the registrar office the prerecorded music is usual, but we would recommend you to hire a pianist or a solo musician on a violin or flute for the ceremony.

A combination of the pianist and a singer will totally change your perception of the wedding ceremony and the otherwise dull space itself.