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Let the balloon decoration turn your wedding ceremony, reception, car, banquet hall etc. into a mystical setting for your special day. Our decorators will be at your disposal advising you on how to turn your dreams into reality. We offer 100 different balloons of various forms, colors and sizes. They can be printed according to your wishes and inflated with air or helium.




Floral decoration


We offer you a great variety of choices! Every single wedding is a special challenge for us. It is unique and requires a common binding element to tie all the elements of your wedding day into a perfect whole. We will take care of the flower arrangement on the wedding table, provide a wedding bouquet for the bride, corsage for the groom and decorate the car.



Paper decoration

You can choose between various beautiful paper motifs to decorate the location of the wedding reception as well as the ceremony itself. Paper accessories combine beautifully with ribbons, buns and balloons.
A selection of gorgeous paper motifs is at your disposal to make the place of your wedding look nicer.