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Wedding cake and pastry PDF Print E-mail

porona_tortaThe wedding cake has its roots in the ancient times and was connected to fertility rituals in many cultures. Today the common cutting of the cake by the husband and the wife symbolizes the first common goal of the newly wedded couple and is one of the key elements of the wedding celebration, which must be photographed.


The cake will be nicely decorated to complete the festive image while the pastry chef will make sure that it will also be delicious. The wedding cake is the queen of the wedding banquet, right after the bride herself. It is therefore no coincidence that the bride and groom cut the cake at midnight. It is a magnificent prelude to all the common meals. Love goes through the stomach, our grandmothers used to say! That makes the wedding cake something really special.


As it is usual you will be able to choose various forms (colors, flowers, natural flowers) and sizes of the wedding cake. The cakes can of course have several tires.