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Civil and church ceremony coordination PDF Print E-mail


Our team will be at your service during your entire in Slovenia.

We speak Russian and English fluently and will be available to you

not only every second of your special day

but throughout the days you will be spending in Slovenia as well.


Organizing all the necessary documents and legalization PDF Print E-mail
pastarchivesWe specialize in providing official documents for foreign citizens.
We will lead you through all the legal procedures.
We can arrange official translations (extra charge) or
advise you on how and where to arrange it in your own country.
Advising on the choice of the place for celebration and the menus PDF Print E-mail

wedding_party_slovenia_europeThe wedding day is one of the happiest and most beautiful days in life. Trust us, share your dreams and wishes with us and we will make sure your wedding day turns out just the way you have always wanted it to.


In a cozy ambient with professional staff that excels at first-class organization and everything else needed in organizing a wedding we will offer you our advices and together with you we will choose the most appropriate location for the ceremony, prepare the program and add all those special extras that will make this event perfect.


Our difference from others originates in innovative approach, which we subtly include in every aspect of your wedding ceremony.


We offer you some general types of weddings but we assure you that we deal with every single wedding individually, according to your wishes and ideas. Our flawless organization and the beauty of the surroundings ensure that your wedding will be something neither you nor your guest will ever forget.


Wedding decorations PDF Print E-mail



Let the balloon decoration turn your wedding ceremony, reception, car, banquet hall etc. into a mystical setting for your special day. Our decorators will be at your disposal advising you on how to turn your dreams into reality. We offer 100 different balloons of various forms, colors and sizes. They can be printed according to your wishes and inflated with air or helium.




Floral decoration


We offer you a great variety of choices! Every single wedding is a special challenge for us. It is unique and requires a common binding element to tie all the elements of your wedding day into a perfect whole. We will take care of the flower arrangement on the wedding table, provide a wedding bouquet for the bride, corsage for the groom and decorate the car.


Wedding animations PDF Print E-mail


ognjemet_sloveniaYou can add a special dimension to the wedding by having a magnificent fireworks display. We will design and execute it according to your wishes. Our rich experience, state of the art technical equipment and the quality of the products used will provide you with a high quality fireworks display.




Invitations, Thank you notes, Confetti PDF Print E-mail

We offer a variety of wedding invitations, thank you notes and cards.


invitation_porono_vabiloWedding invitations


Do you need the invitations to the wedding?


The wedding is a special event that for most people only happens once in a lifetime. It takes a lot of preparations and work and because of that we often forget little important details that make everything just perfect. To prevent that from happening, we will take care of the big and little things, including the invitations. We can offer you various materials, color print, design by request or based on one of the many templates for wedding invitations.


Wedding thank you notes

You have invited your dear and loved ones to the wedding ceremony. Once you return from your honeymoon trip, take the time to visit all your wedding guests and thank them once again. This is usually done by a small gift, including a group photo of the guests with the married couple accompanied by a unique text written for the addressee only.


Wedding bouquet PDF Print E-mail

porocni_opek_1We can hardly imagine a wedding without flowers. The wedding bouquet is the bride's most important wedding accessory and the most important bouquet in her life. As well as the bride herself the bouquet will be at the center of everyone's attention and she must therefore take the time to think about what kind of a bouquet she desires. To present your wishes to the florist more easily, we advise you to look at the various forms of bouquets and choose your own.


Flowers must provide for the special atmosphere at the wedding. The wedding day is the time for joy. You should therefore choose the flowers that make you happy. But do not forget that the season and the weather affect the flowers and the way they look. Special care must be given to the size and form of the wedding arrangement so that it matches the whole image perfectly.


We will be happy to advise you in making your choice.
Wedding cake and pastry PDF Print E-mail

porona_tortaThe wedding cake has its roots in the ancient times and was connected to fertility rituals in many cultures. Today the common cutting of the cake by the husband and the wife symbolizes the first common goal of the newly wedded couple and is one of the key elements of the wedding celebration, which must be photographed.


The cake will be nicely decorated to complete the festive image while the pastry chef will make sure that it will also be delicious. The wedding cake is the queen of the wedding banquet, right after the bride herself. It is therefore no coincidence that the bride and groom cut the cake at midnight. It is a magnificent prelude to all the common meals. Love goes through the stomach, our grandmothers used to say! That makes the wedding cake something really special.


As it is usual you will be able to choose various forms (colors, flowers, natural flowers) and sizes of the wedding cake. The cakes can of course have several tires.