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1. GENERAL TERMS: General terms and conditions regarding  reservation of a wedding are an inherent part of the contract or invoice signed by HUDODOBR d.o.o. (subsequently agency Wedding Angels) and newlyweds or clients (customer) purchasing a certain wedding package. In case of telephone, Internet or e-mail ordered purchase it is considered that the subscriber has agreed to General terms and conditions. Customer can find the General terms and conditions at www.porocniangeli.si or www.weddingangels.si. In case of discrepancy between the General terms and conditions and the wedding package, terms of the wedding package are valid.
2. APPLICATION AND DEPOSIT: Customer can make reservation and purchase a wedding package at authorized agencies, via telephone, e-mail or Internet. By purchasing a wedding package customer enters into a legal relation with the agency Wedding Angels and the contract is legally binding for both parties as declared in General terms and conditions. Signed contract or invoice also serves as a wedding confirmation and contains data on a certain wedding package or is quoting a package where these data are stated. Within application customer is obliged to indicate all the requested data and present documents requested by Marriage and Family Relations Act for foreign citizens in Slovenia and also pay a deposit fee of 40 % of a basic wedding package if not stated otherwise. The amount of 900 € is nonrefundable. Deposit fee serves as confirmation of reservation. The fee can be paid at the authorized dealer or by making a money transfer to the bank account of Hudodobr d.o.o. at NKBM D.D. Precise wedding package, wedding date or the contract number must be stated when making the money transfer. The customer agrees with these General wedding terms and conditions when signing the contract or invoice or making a deposit payment. Customer will be held liable for costs and consequences due to incorrect data. When the customer applies for a wedding in writing, the application becomes valid on the date when it is received by the agency Wedding Angels (e-mail).
3. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: We also provide additional services in addition to those provided in the basic wedding package. Additional services are generally not included in the basic package price (wedding bouquet, wedding cake, photographer etc.) or are subject to additional payments within the package. Customer can reserve and pay additional services within application or make arrangements to pay the services at the place of the wedding itself. Published prices of additional services are valid only when purchasing and paying simultaneously with the basic wedding package. All subsequent orders will be paid directly to the organizer at the place of the wedding, if the service could be provided.
4. RESERVATION CONFORMATION: Upon written registration of the customer with all the required information the agency Wedding Angels will reserve the selected wedding package. Agency Wedding Angels will also send the customer a written conformation, unless registration has already been confirmed with the customer’s knowledge of it. 
5. PAYMENT: The date of the payment is the day the customer makes the money transfer to HUDODOBR d.o.o. account. If the customer purchases a package by telephone, the customer at the same time accepts the General terms and conditions. The fee paid with the application is 40 % of the price of the basic package or 40 % with additional services included, if they are reserved simultaneously. The amount of 900 € is nonrefundable. The customer will pay the rest at least 30 days prior to the wedding date or under the terms stated later on. If the invoice is not fully paid 21 days prior to the wedding, it is considered the customer has withdrawn from the wedding. Agency Wedding Angles will in such a case act according to provisions stated in point 8. of the General terms and conditions. Upon arriving to Slovenia the customer is obliged to provide a document to the organizer proving he paid the package.
6. PRICES: The organizer cannot increase the price of the basic package after signing the contract unless currency changes affecting the wedding have occurred. The organizer will inform the customer of the price changes at least 21 days prior to the wedding. If the price has increased for more than 10 %, the customer can withdraw from the wedding with no additional costs.
7. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: The customer getting married abroad must have a valid passport for at least 6 months after the end of travel to Slovenia and an entry visa if necessary. Not fulfilling these requirements is considered as a sign that the customer has canceled the wedding. The Wedding Angels agency will in such case act according to provisions stated in point 8. of the General terms and conditions. If the Wedding Angels takes care of the customer’s visa, they DO NOT assure the visa will be approved. Services for the visa will be paid separately. The Wedding Angels agency will not refund any of the visa’s costs, even in the case of the visa rejection.    
8. CANCELLATION OR WEDDING CHANGES: The customer has the right to cancel the wedding. Cancellation must be presented in writing during weekdays until 2 pm in the same manner that the service has been ordered in the first place (personally, at the agency, via telephone or e-mail). Cancellation arriving after 2 pm will be dealt with on the following day. In any case 900 € deposit is non refundable. Refunded costs depend on the time of the cancellation (see bellow):

150 – 121 days prior to the wedding date – 20 % of the wedding package and deposit       

120 – 91 days prior to the wedding date – 40 % of the wedding package and deposit           

90 – 59 days prior to the wedding date – 50 % of the wedding package and deposit              

58 days prior to the wedding date – 100 % of the wedding package and deposit   
9. WEDDING FESTIVITIES: We can provide organization of the wedding festivities at breakfast, lunch or dinnertime within our Additional services. We will also advise you on selecting location for the festivity. We can also provide hall decoration, organize musicians, advise you on selecting the menu, cake and all the rest that you might requests.
10. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: The customer is obliged that the persons, the documents and the luggage fulfill all the requirements of border regime (visa), customs, sanitary (vaccination), monetary and other administrative regulations. If such requirements are not fulfilled the customer will take care of all the subsequent costs and take responsibility for the inability to travel. All visa information is available at Slovene Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular divisions department, Ljubljana.
11. TRAVEL CANCELLATION OR CHANGE OF PROGRAM FROM THE ORGANIZER OF THE TRAVEL: The Wedding Angels agency withholds the right to completely or partially withdraw from the contract if before or during the process of the wedding special circumstances arise which could not have been predicted or avoided by the agency. The agency Wedding Angels reserves the right to material compensation in case of existence of such circumstances. The rest of the sum will be returned to the customer. The Wedding Angels agency reserve the right to change the day and date of the wedding without compensation in case of overwhelming odds, insecure state of the country, natural disaster or other unpredictable causes. Wedding Angels agency will not be held liable for the changes of the wedding due to overwhelming odds or liability of other contractors organizing the event. In all cases mentioned above the Wedding Angels agency will do its best to organize the services under these special circumstances.
12. RECLAMATION: In case of reclamation the customer must notify the coordinator of the Wedding Angles agency in Slovenia as soon as possible. In case the customer is unable to solve the problem on the spot, the customer must call or write to the Wedding Angels agency. The agency will resolve the reclamation based on individual report received within 3 weeks after the wedding. The agency will respond to the reclamation in written within 8 days after receiving the reclamation. The Wedding Angels agency will not deal with reclamations not being reported at least verbally at the ceremony and sent to the agency in writing within the appointed term. The Wedding Angles agency will not deal with demands for lowering the price or any other demands without written claim. If the program has not been fulfilled due to the Wedding Angels agency's fault, the customer has the right to demand material compensation in the amount of the unperformed services unless the Wedding Angels agency has the right to withdraw from or change the wedding package.
13. HEALTH REGULATIONS AND HEALTH INSURANCE ABROAD: The customer can make health insurance with an insurance company in his own country. The organizer will not be held liable for physical injuries obtained at the wedding or transportation of the customer or the guests. Possible compensatory claims must be addressed to the insurance or transportation company.
14. LEGAL CLAIMS: It is the responsibility of the Wedding Angels agency to ensure correct information on legal maters of Republic Slovenia’s legislation regarding marriage. The agency cannot obtain certain documents, e.g. verify the birth certificate copy and similar. The couple must obtain these documents according to our instructions and deliver them as agreed. If these conditions are not met, the couple will take the responsibility for the wedding. Legal demands are stated at our web page and will be delivered to you at reservation.
15. INFORMATION: Information received by the customer from other agents or agencies do not bind the Wedding Angels agency any more than provisions stated in the basic packages or offers sent from the Wedding Angels agency.  
16. YOUR DATA PRIVACY: Your data is needed and will be used solely for our communication and informing you about the novelties and interesting details in our packages. The data is also needed in case of participation in opinion polls. If you have sent us a public letter or photography we have the liberty to publish them. Personal information can be revealed in case of court trials or legal claims. The Wedding Angels agency employees accessing personal information are obliged to safeguard personal data according to the law. It is considered that you have agreed with the use of personal information as described when you have used our web page and registered as our addressee.  
17. COPYRIGHTS: HUDODOBR d.o.o. manages this web page and its contents are property of HUDODOBR d.o.o. and cannot be copied. HUDODOBR d.o.o. withholds the right to change the contents.
18. FINAL PROVISIONS: The court in Kranj has the jurisdiction to settle the disputes between the contractors.

In Kranj, 4th of January 2010